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          ABOUT US

          Shanghai Bo’xiang Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a professional service company which engages in the design and construction of special booths of domestic and overseas large-scale exhibitions and the design and decoration of exhibition halls, franchise stores and office environments. Thanks to its excellent modern management consciousness and international standard services, the company has won high reputation among its customers. In addition to a batch of high-quality employees and various professional departments, the company has set up its branches or professional manufacturers in such cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Furthermore, the company has set up a close partnership with several hundred exhibition companies and contractors in China.

          Since its establishment, the company has become one of the most competitive exhibition companies by relying on its rich industrial experience, acute market perception, understanding of customer demand, brand-new design philosophy and superior construction workmanship. We can not only offer “turnkey” full-process professional service to customers, but also ensure that our customers can enjoy the most reasonable prices and the most reliable quality guarantee.  
          “Professional experience, professional dedication and professional ethics” are not only the foundation of our success, but also the industrial rules that we have always been advocating. We have been making continuous progress. With your support, we will endeavor to dedicate our professional experience to the development of Chinese exhibition undertakings!


          博覽先進理念   創意時代空間

          • 398932665
          • (021)-60498552
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          Address: Room203, No1221, Star Building , HuSongHighway,  Shanghai
          Record number:滬ICP備16053261號